The role of R&D at Durit

Since its foundation, Durit has been developing its processes and products based on encouraging and promoting a culture of R&D, creating knowledge in order to respond to customer and market demands.

Encouraging and promoting a culture of R&D

Focused on the development and production of special carbide tools, composite materials made of tungsten carbide particles alloyed with cobalt, nickel or cobalt-nickel-chromium, Durit is proud of its continued commitment to R&D, establishing itself as a benchmark company in highly demanding markets.

Carbide is a strategic material worldwide. It has specific properties that allow it to be used in various special sectors of industrial activity. The hard metal components produced by Durit stand out for their high quality and properties, namely hardness, toughness, resistance to wear and corrosion. These components are used in sectors such as the energy, chemical, automotive and materials processing industries.

The R&D culture

Innovation based on scientific knowledge has always been part of the vision of Durit's founding members, and has been passed on over the years to the company's other employees.

Formalized in 2005, Durit's R&D Center achieved certification under the NP 4457 standard in 2012, the purpose of which is to validate the company's ability to promote innovation, based on the development of a collaborative, interdisciplinary and process-efficient culture.

To this end, the R&D Department operates in a network with all of Durit's departments and with institutions in the national and international scientific and technological system (UA, FEUP, UC, CTCV, Fraunhofer IKTS). Durit's strong links with the National Scientific and Technological System have enabled it to develop numerous individual and co-promoted projects, as well as master's and doctoral degrees in an industrial environment. These projects contribute to strengthening, increasing and transferring knowledge, sustaining products and production processes on a scientific knowledge base.

R&D Center: Joaquim Sacramento, Fábio Rodrigues and Pedro Pereira (left to right).

The motivation and focus of Durit's R&D and Innovation culture is the pursuit of state-of-the-art knowledge, rational use of resources, respect for people and the environment, which are fundamental to the company's sustainability. Practical and scientific knowledge, supported by the teams' strong predisposition to evolution, are the support for the development of new products and industrial processes at Durit, leading the R&D path towards innovation.

The Prodiam project enabled the construction of a CVD reactor for coating carbide tools with diamond (drills and milling cutters), with a view to increasing their useful life during machining processes.)


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